To fill some of our client’s most pressing needs, we offer management and consulting services in Houston, TX that provide targeted help when it’s needed most. Nations have the in-house capability to manage all aspects of your project. We can hire and manage design teams, negotiate to finance, secure all legal and governmental approvals, negotiate specialized contracts from food service to security, and even coordinate legal documentation. In addition, we can review, provide input on, and buy out contracts for all furniture, fixtures, and related equipment for your facility. We can review your vendor’s buying process, or actively undertake this process on your behalf.

Types of Management Services in Houston, TX:

Development/Project Management Under this format, Nations would handle the whole development process but would not act as general contractors. We would be involved in the program development, interview and award of design professionals, monitor and control the schedule of the total project, monitor and maintain a budget, interview and pre-approve general contractors, manage bidding and contract award, manage the construction process and close out. Construction Management Similar to the GMP negotiated format only this format brings the owner into the system by paying major subcontractors and suppliers directly. Under this format, the construction manager provides management services in Houston, TX with no risk or a guaranteed maximum price. This format offers many different scenarios and can be discussed further depending upon the needs of the clients. Property Management Nations offer a range of management services in Houston, TX to our clients.  Our service provides market expertise, broker cooperation, and lease administration, geared towards maximizing the owner’s yield.  Each team member in our company has been trained to think and respond as an extension of the owner, which distinguishes our service from the competition.  We will review leases, analyze financials, review markets, and review budgets and expenses.   Our staff is focused on selling the intrinsic value of a property.

We plan to be a valued business partner on every project we build. Contact us today and see why!